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    Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom Games

    Dora Games
    Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom Games

    The Crystal Kingdom is starting to lose its color because a greedy King has taken all of the three beautiful crystals that make it colorful. Help Dora and Boots, along with their new friend Allie, travel through a storybook world and find those crystals before it's too late! Join Dora and Boots on a colorful new adventure. Collect all of the missing crystals to restore the color of Crystal Kingdom.

    How to play: First step,click the rock in order when the mouse pointer turns to blue ,then allie jets out flames to melt these rocks and first crystal appreas at last. Second , use mouse to select the right letters which watches the incomplete words and pictures given below,finally the second crystal will be found.Last ,fighting with the  greedy King following dora's guide , you will catch the third crystal when succeed.This game seems  little slow step by step when playing, please pay more patient and have good luck.

      Play Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom Games at www.dora-games.net!Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom Games is a very fun game!
    How To Play:
    Click on "Start Game" button to play, make sure your browser allow popup. After you click "Start Game" there is a window popup, have fun...
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